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About Our Cake

Sweet Rewards cakes are all baked with fresh ingredients.  We never use mixes.  We are happy to work with you to create the perfect flavor combination for your event.

Although we do offer many cakes that do not use nuts we do use nuts in our kitchen and cannot guarantee no cross contamination happens.  

Sweet Rewards does have Gluten free recipes used for cupcakes or small cutting cakes.

Our Fondant

At Sweet Rewards we make our own fondant weekly.  We know fondant sometimes gets a bad 'wrap'.  This is why we take the time to make our own from scratch.  It has a great vanilla flavor and stays soft and easy to cut.  Ask for a sample at any tasting!

Cake Sizes

At Sweet Rewards each slice of our custom cakes consists of:

3 layers of cake

2 layers of filling

layer of frosting

covering of our freshly made fondant if desired


Our serving sizes tend to be on the generous side.  Let us help you find the perfect size cake for the number of servings needed.  


There are several tricks of the trade we can share with you to create that perfect look for your display cakes.  Call or email us to discuss options.

Sweet Rewards

Flavor List

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